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This used to be the test system for the development of lexicographical data support for Wikidata. Since the deployment of lexicographical data support to Wikidata itself, that purpose is obsolete: for testing, please use the Wikidata Test Wiki or Beta Wikidata instead.

This wiki is currently used to test lexeme full-text search.

Relevant documents

Lexeme demos

Here you can find some examples we prepared to understand how the system works:

  • L15: Leiter, the German male noun. This models the female version of the noun ("Leiterin") as a Form. Modeling as a separate Lexeme would also be possible. The female noun ("die Leiter") is to be modeled separately, since its morphology is different from both "der Leiter" and "die Leiterin".
  • L13: hard, the English adjective. This illustrates how Lexeme Senses can be linked to Items.
  • L17: ask, modeling "to ask out" as a sense of "ask" by giving the grammatical frame in the gloss
  • L18: ask, modeling "to ask out" as a sense of "ask" by giving the grammatical frame in a statement
  • L19: ask out, modeling "to ask out" as a separate verbal phrase

Or create your own: Create a new Lexeme


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For more information on this test environment, see Wikimedia Labs.